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NERVANA Generator and Headphones Unit (Complete Set)

$289.00 $319.00

(This set includes everything you need to get started with NERVANA!)

NERVANA is a wearable product that sends a gentle electrical wave through the left ear canal to stimulate the body’s Vagus nerve, while syncing with music.  This elicits a calm, relaxed feeling for most users in a natural way, which  stimulates the brain’s pleasure center,  known to release neurotransmitters (the body's feel-good messengers).

In more technical terms....A central signal-processing circuit receives both music and stimulation signals and routes those signals appropriately to the two ear buds. The right ear bud receives only the right channel of the music signal. The proprietary left ear bud, in comparison, not only receives the left channel of the music signal at its speaker, it also receives the stimulation signal within the ear bud material itself, to deliver electrical stimulation to the inside surface of the ear canal and, thereby, the Vagus nerve.

The NERVANA Unit includes the NERVANA Generator, Headphones, Saline Spray Bottle (empty), 9V Battery, 3.5 mm male-to-male connecting cable, Instruction Manual, and NERVANA Earbuds (1 active and 1 passive of sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4).

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