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NERVANA Headphones (Replacement/Spare Set)


Please note: For NERVANA to work, the Headphones must be used with the NERVANA Generator. They will not deliver the NERVANA effects on their own.

NERVANA Headphones are unique and contain proprietary, patent-pending technology throughout.

A central signal-processingĀ circuit receives both music and stimulation signals from the NERVANA Generator and routes those signals appropriately to the two earbuds. The right earbud receives only the right channel of the music signal. The proprietary left earbud, in comparison, not only receives the left channel of the music signal at its speaker, it also receives the stimulation signal within the earbud material itself, to deliver electrical stimulation to the inside surface of the ear canal and, thereby, the Vagus nerve.

The entirety of the NERVANA Headphones were designed in-house and are made by our company using custom-designed molds and circuitry. A Headphone like this does not exist anywhere.

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